Women Who Give Big

Cortney Ren’ae Gives Big!

Cortney Ren’ae Gives Big!

Cortney Ren’ae is all about making it work! She’s an entrepreneur, a mother, a motivator, and the CEO of the women’s empowerment movement, Flourishe. Want some insight on how a busy Execumama makes time to produce a natural beauty pageant that benefits the community while providing a platform for women to celebrate themselves?

Watch the video below, then CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket.

Not in California, but want to sponsor and/or support the event?

CONNECT WITH CORTNEY ON FACEBOOK…she’ll be happy to chat with you.

Thanks for the Big Give, Cortney! I totally dig your shine!


The LightCaster’s Project

The LightCaster’s Project

est. 1977

A thought.  A dare. A craving.

To not just SAY I wanted to be a liberated woman,

backed by a liberated man,

raising liberated warrior princesses with well-nourished temples, and razor-sharp minds…

but to actually BE THAT WOMAN!

and to prioritize HELPING OTHER WOMEN conjure that up in themselves and wear it in the breeze they make when they blaze their paths.



The goal is ongoing.

They are entrepreneurs, creative beings, mothers, wives, storytellers, “smell-gooders”, and do-gooders.

If your business model is rooted in soul-centered products and services, connect with these women, and see how you can help each other SHINE.


Join us on Facebook. Let’s explore the expression of our fullest selves; enjoying the benefits of nurturing our talents, and bringing our joy to the planet.


Larie Gives Big #WWGB

Larie Gives Big #WWGB

Larie Risks Expression


Larie unabashedly serves her readers, listeners, and clients through her commitment to using all of her life experiences to empower others in their times of need. Her first-hand experiences with promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, chronic illness, and her battles with self-value serve as powerful testimonials for how to move from victim to victory through God’s love.

If you’re up for a good read that it simply stated, devoid of filters, and purposed to reveal big doses of truth serum on the mindset, sexuality, and spiritual journeys of millions of young girls worldwide, then Larie’s latest installment, My Heart Speaks…of Boys and a Girl, is ideally suited for you.

I thought of own middle and high school days when my adolescent ignorance found me judging and even loathing the promiscuous girls in my school.

“Why is she so nasty?”

“OMG, she is crazy for sleeping with him!”

“She’s a total ‘ho’!”

Never considering what void she was trying to fill, who or what had exposed her to sex at such a young age, and the fact that that girl was just like me, but with different ways of expressing her hurt, her fears, and her natural exploration of her feelings.

“That girl” was doing the best she could with what she felt, and though the path was unhealthy, the more important thing is the WHY.

Larie’s books remind me to talk to my own daughters and their friends about healthy forms of self-expression and allow for open questioning and discussions about “awkward”" topics like molestation and sexual requests.

Larie’s casts her Light judiciously, and women the world over will no doubt benefit from her willingness to share and shine.

She risks expression at LarieWrites.com


Arielle Loren Gives Big #WWGB

Arielle Loren Gives Big #WWGB

“We embrace human curiosity”

You KNOW that caught my attention.

Curiosity has saved the quality of my life many times over, and it’s that same sense of unabashed embrace of wonder that sits at the base of Arielle Loren’s Corset Magazine.

Corset Tweets

I was first introduced to Arielle’s work by way of my fellow blogger turner sister-friend, Itiel McVay (of Smell Goods ’98). The writer and filmmaker had penned a rather brow-raising piece on black feminist pornography (say whaaaat?!) for Clutch magazine, and I was instantly drawn in by her embrace of life design.

http://www.arielleloren.com/“Racial fantasies oversaturate the market and porn directors continue to showcase voluptuous Black women’s bodies as fetish pieces for White and Black men,” Loren writes. “The state of Black feminist porn is dire; there are numerous obstacles ahead to achieving the visual production of [a] Black women’s desire and truthfully, the mantra needs to be `For us, By us.’”

Clearly, Arielle was unmuted and engaged in
Defining …
Designing …
Living … her fullest version of WOMAN.

It was official—my MacBook and I would thoroughly Google the bejesus out this new source of Light in the very near future. ☺

Then, as is usually the case, Creator saw fit to engage my interests with a further connection. The same day Itiel sent me the email, Arielle emailed me in celebration of  her newest discovery—The LightCaster’s Project—right before her next big Life Design journey; a move from New York to Salvador (Bahia), Brazil.

I felt a very authentic connection to Arielle.  My exploration of her work and journey left me wide open, and intensely curious in a way usually reserved for the Amiri Barakas, Nina Simones, Sizzla Kalonjis, and fine ass! Maxwells in my mental space.

The conversations she’s creating online—that insistence with which she handles self-exploration and radical self-expression—is the VERY REASON I started practicing and creating Life Design techniques! Women Unapologetically Un-muted.

I had to give her a piece of my mind…

“Arielle, I read (and re-read) your recent email about settling in to Brazil, and I’m continuing to follow your Life Design. I took several long deep breaths as your words gave me permission to continue following my bliss as well. God that felt good! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that your work—the move, the documentary, the magazine, your blog, all of it—is supported by many of us who see ourselves in you.”

Here’s how Arielle Loren Gives Big:





Of course, I purchased a copy.
And of course, I devoured it in one sitting.

And then again because I believe in indulgence.

Here is the symphony of emotions conjured as I took in the premiere issue…

Corset Magazine Word Orgy

How do you view your sensuality as it relates to your daily choices and experiences? Are you hiding from the woman in the mirror?  Is it working?

The magazine stirs from those kinds of pots, and if that’s your kind of stew…

Click here to buy a copy ($3.99)
Chat and share on Facebook here
Tweet with your peeps about Corset here

Go ahead—risk expression, mama!
Women Who Give Big is a whenever-I’m-inspired series in celebration of women who do just that. At the end of each post will be a badge for the featured woman to use.

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What do you think of Arielle’s Big Give?


{Part II} Women Who Give Big

{Part II} Women Who Give Big

I’m using this month to shine a light on BIG DOSES of Empowerment + Self-Expression!

Yesterday, I featured the first in the series of Women Who Give Big, and gave you a glimpse of how their skills and gifts might solve some of your most incessant needs.

Well, it’s still Women’s History Month (learn more), so I’m keeping it going!

Women’s Education —— Women’s Empowerment

Let me introduce your NEEDS to a few SOLUTIONS by way of some more members of my village.

Each of the products or services below come from a woman looking to enhance your life by giving you work from the highest place in hers. Take some time to breathe in her offerings, and if you’re so moved, please do invest.

[Click each woman's photo to see what her work SOLVES]

Takeyah A. Young offers you a chance to Get Clean.

Takeyah A. Young





Get Clean

Ivy La Artista offers you a reward for using your Super Powers.

Ivy Photo





Ivy's Give

Sandra Hicks offers you private moments of Natural Therapy.

Sandra Hicks



Sandra's Give

More to come this week…



Women Who Give Big

Women Who Give Big

It’s Women’s History Month (learn more), and this year’s focus is on:

Women’s Education —— Women’s Empowerment

The focus on education as a tool for empowerment offers the perfect segue into an introduction I’ve been longing to make.

Let me introduce your NEEDS to a few SOLUTIONS by way of some members of my village.

I know you and I share the priority of nurturing a village of women warriors who value emotional wellness and aspire to risk expression.

Each of the products or services below come from a woman looking to enhance your life by giving you work from the highest place in hers.  Take some time to breathe in her offerings, and if you’re so moved, please do invest.

[Click each woman's photo to see what her work SOLVES]

Shelley Chapman offers you a Belly Breakthrough™

Shelley Chapman

Belly Breakthroughs™

Jamie Fleming-Dixon offers you opportunities to shine






Jamie's Ad Space Offer

Natasha Liburd offers you ways to invest in your future (Georgia)

Natasha Liburd

Natasha Liburn Info

 More to come this week…